AT Candidate Questionnaire

In order to get beyond the election signs and the candidate profiles Abbotsford Today has put together a series of questions for candidates in the upcoming municipal election. We will be publishing the answers provided by those who participate.

  1. What do you know about the way civic government operates?
  2. Why did you decide to run?
  3. What does social responsibility mean to you as an elected city councilor?
  4. What do you want to accomplish and how will you get it done?
  5. What should the City of Abbotsford do with Abbotsford Center now that the Heat are gone?
  6. What should Abbotsford’s approach to homelessness be?
  7. If elected what would you do about the law suits faced by the City of Abbotsford by members of the Abbotsford Chapter of the BC/Yukon Drug War Survivors through Pivot Legal Society?
  8. Abbotsford suffers from the highest unemployment in Western Canada and has for years. What would you do about that?
  9. How would you resolve the commercial truck parking issues here in Abbotsford?
  10. Abbotsford had no animal control and care facility. Will you address this issue when elected and how will you do so?
  11. Is there anything we should have asked that would better demonstrate your value as a candidate?
  12. —————–
    We have emailed these questions to all candidates. If we missed you or sent them to the wrong address please simply copy them and paste them, with your responses, in an email to:

    Abbotsford Today has put together an extensive section on the 2014 Municipal Election. In addition candidates announcements, profiles and Q&A as well as news stories, columns and pieces contributed by candidates it includes:
    Contact Your Candidates
    List of Candidates
    Municipal Election Guide
    New Local Elections Legislation

    The Municipal Election Guide is made up primarily of information and links from the City of Abbotsford’s extensive information section on the City website which provides all of the information you will require in order to exercise your franchise.

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