At Least Bad Governance Increases Voter Turnout

By March 18, 2014Abnor, Satire

By Abnor. I have not heard such a widespread sense of anger and revulsion at a politician since George Peary told us we needed to spend $300,000,000 to buy a new water supply when, in fact, he knew very well that we have plenty of water (It’s our pipes which can’t handle any more water because we spent all our money on John Smith’s Plan A).

If you remember that election, an additional 7,000 or so voters turned out just in order to have the pleasure of voting poor George out of a job.

Apparently unable to acknowledge that it wasn’t him we were voting for but George whom we were voting against, Bruce Banman just performed the same boneheaded manoeuvre.

By choosing to vote with the minority of council and kill the ACS/BCHousing proposal, Banman has made himself unelectable.

All the back room manoeuvring, calling in favours, or pats on the back from landowners who believe he saved their investments, won’t help him now that he has stared down the majority of the voting public and the religious community and voted against them.

It’s those people whose votes count – not those of the back room boys

And I would expect that at least 7,000 extra people may come out to vote against him on the homelessness issue so we can usher in a new era and put the ugliness behind us.

One of the unintended perks of having such bad governance in Abbotsford – we’re certainly managing to increase the number of citizens involved in the political process during municipal elections.


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