Auditions For ‘Office Hours’

By November 15, 2016Live Entertainment

Submitted. Opening Nite Theatre is holding auditions their up-coming Canadian Comedy “Office Hours” by Norm Foster (directed by Craig Meester), on Saturday November 19, at 1:00 pm and Wednesday November 23 at 7:00 pm at 33223 Railway Avenue in Mission, across from the West Coast Express Station.

Needed are men and women aged 20’s to 60’s to play multiple roles in six hilarious scenes that take place on a Friday afternoon in the big city. The characters include a 200 pound horse jockey, a sexually repressed psychiatrist, an overbearing mother who just wants to feed her lawyer son McLobster, a cheeky, underhanded agent who can “explain” all his girlfriends to his outraged wife, a desperately down and out film director, a nasty TV manager who wants to get rid of everyone over 40 and a washed up figure skater who’s thinking of jumping off the ledge, and other interesting folks.

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