Auditions Open For The Death Of Zukasky

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Submitted. Opening Nite Theatre Society is putting out a call for auditions for The Death of Zukasky, a delightful comedy.

THE DEATH OF ZUKASKY (A comedy) by Richard Strand
Opening Nite (Community) Theatre Society (Mission, B.C.)
Director: Kathy Yewell
Producer: Mahara Sinclaire
AUDITION Dates: (Open Call)
Wednesday 03 December 2014 at 6:30 pm
Saturday 06 December 2014 at 1:00 pm
LOCATION: 33223 N. Railway Avenue, Mission B.C.
(across from the West Coast Express Train Station)
06 March to 22 March 2015
(Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm with Sunday matinees at 2:00 pm)
06 January to 05 March 2015 – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings – starting at 6:30 pm

Read More About The Story & Characters Below:

Audition Notice:

THE DEATH OF ZUKASKY (A comedy) by Richard Strand
THE STORY: Preparing for their usual morning meeting, three sales associates discover their supervisor dead, with his feet up on the desk. All three are next in line for Zukasky’s job.
A.C. Tattums immediately begins to scheme; Anne is insecure and paranoid; and Barry is all indecision and blithering. What’s worse, their department head, Marlino, announces Barry has the position, leaving Anne stupefied and unacknowledged for her ten years with the corporation. A.C., intent of climbing to the very top, begins to plant suggestions in his coworkers’ minds, pitting them against one another.
AC Tattums (male) – Sales Associate (30’s to 40’s) A clever, manipulative, double-dealing upstart who employs devious tactics to breed fear and confusion among his coworkers. A charismatic rogue, out for number one.
Anne Desmond: Sales Associate (30’s to 40’s) A smart woman (though not as clever as A.C.) Very capable and honest but also a bit high-strung and insecure. Damn tired of hitting her head on the glass ceiling of the “old boys” network.
Barry Mills: (30’s to 40’s) Sales Associate. A clueless, incompetent “yes-man”, always confused and easily manipulated. Afraid of the coffee-maker.
Henry Marlino: (40’s to 60’s) The Big Boss – easily flattered, self-important, likes to tell pointless stories. Knows next to nothing about what actually goes on in the corporation.
Theodore Zukasky (40’s to 60’s) A deceased Executive (appears briefly at start of play)
Notes: This is a non-equity production. This play involves physical comedy.
Cold Readings from the script will be provided.
Actors cast must become members ($15) of Opening Nite Theatre Society.
Resumes and Photos are appreciated.

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