Avian Flu Strain Identified – High-Path H5N2

12/04/14 12:59 – The Globe and Mail is reporting that strain of Avioan Flu which has struck poultry farms in Abbotsford and Chilliwack has been identified and it is a highly pathogenic strain of H5N2 which is the virus which was at the source of three p[revious outbreaks.

[excerpt] A turkey farm and a chicken farm located in the Fraser Valley were placed under quarantine earlier this week after H5 avian influenza killed thousands of birds, and two other farms have since been placed under confinement.

A source tells The Canadian Press that tests have determined the virus is a high-pathogenicity, or high-path, strain of H5N2.

Pathogenicity does not indicate the level of danger a virus poses to people. High-path avian flu viruses kill birds, while low-path viruses can reduce egg production.


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Avian Flu – Two More Farms Quarantined

12/03/14 16:47
CBC News is reporting that two more farms in the Fraser Valley – one in Abbotsford, one in Chilliwack – have been placed under quarentine due to Avian flu.

[excerpt] Two more Fraser Valley poultry farms have been placed under quarantine as a precaution to contain the spread of avian flu, said Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials Wednesday.

The newly quarantined farms are located in Abbotsford and Chilliwack between two farms where avian flu was announced Tuesday. All the birds at both farms will be destroyed, and the farmers will be compensated.

The B.C. Poultry Association has said it’s confident biosecurity measures will be able to stop the spread of avian flu in the region.

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