Banman Forces Reconsideration Of AESC Usage Policy

By February 4, 2013Municipal Politics

Mayor Bruce Banman has made an addition to the agenda for today’s meeting of Abbotsford Council in order to reconsider the 7 – 2 decision made at the council meeting of January 21 to have staff develop a usage policy for the Abbotsford Entertainment Centre (AESC).

Item number one under Business out of Minutes in today’s agenda is, “Reconsideration of Resolution R013-2013, from the January 21, 2013, Regular Council meeting by Mayor Banman, under Section 131 of the Community Charter, regarding the development of a usage policy for the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre.”

The original motion, made after a presentation by Richard Peachey, stated:

Moved by Councillor Braun, seconded by Councillor Gibson, that the delegation of Richard Peachey, 2044 Oakridge Crescent, and background information, regarding the Lingerie Football League, be received; and that staff be directed to develop a usage policy for the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre to be brought back to Council for consideration.
Opposed: Mayor Banman and Councillor Smith

For a downloadable PDF of today’s minutes click here.
For a copy of Richard Peachey’s delegation click here.

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  • Well as we anticipated, Bruce Banman had a little chat with the boys and girls around ‘his’ council table.

    And like all good little boys and girls, most of them came around to seeing things Daddy’s way.

    Why, how those long-term Councillors expressed themselves, ‘just caught by surprise’ that Henry Braun had put a motion on the table, two weeks ago, without first notifying them. Veteran Patricia Ross, was so surprised at such a thing, that she just lost her mind and voted with Braun, because well, you know, it was just so surprising that a fellow Councillor would put a motion on the table.

    But all has been put to rights now. Daddy talked sense into most of his children, and the bad motion that caught all those veteran councillors so off guard, that they just could not think clearly, has been made all better tonight.

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