Banman Launches Website

Mayor Bruce Banman has launched his website for the 2014 Municipal election on November 15.

The site summarizes some of Banman’s time in office through photos in the ‘In The Community’ section and includes a personal message from the mayor.

Banman outlines what he believes are the issues facing the community in this election in a section called ‘Issues.’



Relieve Tax Burden

Under Mayor Banman transparency has been increased at City Hall, tough decisions for the good of all of Abbotsford, not just a select few, have been made and the city’s house has been put in order. The stage has been set for success, and now it’s time to capitalize on the foundation we’ve laid. Under Mayor Banman’s leadership the 2014 city budget saw a 0% residential tax increase.

Jobs And Our Economy

Abbotsford’s economy is strong; we are a city of founding families, business leaders and entrepreneurial visionaries.

Abbotsford has all the elements to be the region’s next great economic superpower. As the population of British Columbia shifts south of the Fraser River to Surrey, Abbotsford is poised to realize our unique position in the Fraser Valley. We are exceptionally situated along the TransCanada Highway, home to a US border crossing, a first class university, an airport, vast agricultural lands and a diverse, hardworking and industrious population. This is Abbotsford’s time. We have thriving agricultural and aerospace sectors and the opportunity to continue to create great jobs for our young people, right here at home.

With his experience and success in business, Mayor Bruce Banman is committed to working to continue to increase transparency at City Hall, reduce red tape for business and create jobs in our city.

Safe Neighbourhoods

Under Mayor Banman’s time as the Chair of the Abbotsford Police Board the city has been named as one of the top ten safest cities in Canada. Mayor Banman believes keeping our city safe is a top priority and is committed to keep the “tough on crime” attitude at City Hall. Mayor Banman commends the incredible work done every day by the Abbotsford Police Department in keeping our neighbourhoods safe.

A Family Friendly Community

Mayor Banman is committed to continuing to develop a city of parks, playing fields and community centres. Great cities are ones where neighbours come together and celebrate at great events like Canada Day, Abbotsford Diwali and the Abbotsford Airshow and the historic downtown berry festival – Berry-Beat.

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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    A zero percent tax increase but user fee increases..Parks and Rec.,
    utilitiy increases for water and sewer and garbage, business license fee increases and………..

    Mayor, may I remind you about the internal borrowing used for the
    MCallum/Clearbrook Rd. interchange projects in addition to internal
    borrowing for roads, water, sewer and dependency on DCC’s to repay
    these funds, when DCC’S being collected are no where near to the
    amnts from 2006-2009.

    As for a safe city, his credit goes to the APD and to ex-Mayor Peary
    who committed to more officers requested by APD to combat the cities
    gang/drug problem, after the bullets started flying near the keg in 2009 in broad daylight and council finally woke up to fact the city had a gang/drug problem and limited police resources to address the

    Transparency…did you release any information to the public about
    the arena/hockey debacle. No, have not! That is not transparency.

  • Observation says:

    I understand there are greater issues for consideration than the aesthetics and content of a website but as far as web pages go Banman’s is pretty good. Considering that Patricia Ross’–Homeless Task Force Chair– website does not even have a page addressing the homeless issue. The two-decade long seat warmer didn’t think it appropriate to update the conceitedly named ‘Patricia Ross Is What Matters’ website that has been the same forever. If she cared so much about the homeless issue the least she could do is brag about her accomplishments at attempting to solve the issue like she takes credit for everything else others do.

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