Banman Releases George Murray’s $230,000 Contract

By February 26, 2013Abbotsford News

Submitted. As part of Monday’s upcoming council session, City Council is today releasing the employment offer letter for Abbotsford’s new City Manager, George Murray, announced Mayor Bruce Banman.

“Abbotsford City Council believes that transparency in government is the foundation for public trust, accountability, improved decision-making and informed participation,” said Banman. “We know that government functions best when it is open, inclusive, responsive and accountable for its actions, which is why we decided to release the details of George’s employment contract for
everyone today.”

As Murray’s start date was February of this year, the City is not required to include details of the new City Manager’s salary as part of its publically (sic) disclosed 2013 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) report. This means the public would not have had access to salary information for the position until June of 2014.

Notable changes in the new City Manager’s employment agreement include a greatly extended probationary period and a lower annual salary rate.

The attached Council Report and offer letter will be brought forward by Murray at the Executive Council session on Monday.

2013-02-26 Backgrounder CM02-2013 re Employment Contract for the City Manager (Executive)

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    “Abbotsford City Council believes transparency is the foundation
    of public trust, accountability,improved decision making and
    informed participation.

    “We know government functions best when it is open,inclusive,
    responsive and accountable for it’s actions.”

    If Abbotsford Council knows government functions best, when
    it is “open,” then, why do members of the public have to wait
    months for city reports, only to have portions of the infor-
    mation blacked out?

    If Abbotsford is “open,” why are not the members on the various
    city committees, who make the important decisions for taxpayers,
    not posted on the city website and why are not all the details
    of the meeting not posted on the website for public access?

    If Abbotsford is “open,” why was there such a lack of information
    given to the public, before the P3 water vote?

    If Abbotsford Council is “open,’ why does one have to feel like
    they are trying to find a “needle in a haystack,’ when trying to find
    reports on the cities’ website, esp. considering many reports are not
    posted for easy public access?

    If Abbotford Council is “inclusive,” why are public hearing just
    a formality for City Hall, since most of the decisions are already
    made at the committee meetings and in-camera council meetings?

    If Abbotsford is “inclusive,” why does the city always include
    it’s so-called same “stakeholder groups,” in decision making process
    on various important issues, facing the city?

    Aren’t the everyday taxpayers,also, “stakeholders” in this city?
    I tell you, why.

    Talk is cheap and it is time for Abbotford Council to learn to
    be transparent, accountable to all the people and inclusive on
    all city business, which impact our cities’ residents and it’s
    direction of growth.

    I cannot believe the Mayor could make such a statement, which
    is so contrary to what is going on at City Hall!

  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    In fairness, “Abbotsford Council’ does not refer to
    all councillors, because there are council members,who
    do try to be transparent and inclusive on many issues.

    Council, however, must work together to address the
    many situations occuring within City Hall, which do
    not encourage or adher to the very values and beliefs,
    Mayor Banman speaks to and are the basis of good leadership
    and goverance.

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