Banman Slams Opposition To YMCA Giveaway – Braun’s Motion Passes

Abbotsford Council’s Executive Committee met Monday afternoon and discussed the report from City Manager George Murray about the controversial YMCA proposal..  

Councillor Henry Braun made a motion which proposed to synchronize Council’s previous oblique motion with the wording from George Murray’s letter to the YMCA. Council’s original motion, made by Councillor John Smith, did not mention the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) whereas Murray’s letter stated that the MOU was not a legally binding agreement.

Murray’s letter states, in part:

“Based on the above noted resolution, please be advised that the City of Abbotsford has agreed to
indefinitely postpone the proposed partnership to develop a YMCA in Abbotsford. As the MOU was not
a binding agreement, the City is sending you this letter to confirm that we will no longer pursue this

Braun’s proposed amendment to  Council’s motion would unambiguously ensure the current MOU was dead.  

After a long and rather absurd debate by Councillors John Smith, Dave Loewen and Bill McGregor, Braun’s motion was eventually passed.

Edited 23/04/13
Mayor Bruce Banman then concluded by berating the opposition to the YMCA giveaway for undermining due process.

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