By James Breckenridge. Attached is a copy of the LEO award which has been awarded to Mayor Banman this year by the League of Unhoused Citizens of Abbotsford. After the league put the mayor’s name forward, the LEO directors felt he deserved recognition.

The award states that it is provided based on Mayor Banman’s statements, actions and inactions with respect to homeless citizens of Abbotsford.

“The Awarding Committee recognized Mayor Banman’s behaviour vis-avis the rezoning of Abbotsford Community Services property to permit the building of ACS’ “Housing First” proposal, as masterful and completely indistinguishable from the southern end of a north bound horse.”

The award has yet to be presented to Mayor Banman and organizers say they are seeking a suitable opportunity to do so.

Mayor Banmans LEO

Loose translation: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

edited 28/11/13

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