Basi-Virk Documents Released

Global News’ Jas Johal tonight released the agreement documents between the BC Liberal government and disgraced civil servants Dave Basi and Bobby Virk in the BC Rail scandal.

The two pleaded guilty to corruption charges and the Liberal government, with Abbotsford’s incumbent BC Liberal MLA Mike de Jong as Attorney General, agreed not to collect the $6 million the taxpayers advanced to the two bureaucrats to pay for their defence – a decision Abbotsford South incumbent independent MLA John van Dongen has always said should not have been made.

BC law forbids any payment of $100,000 or without cabinet approval. The Basi-Virk $6 million debt was forgiven by the deputy Attorney-General and the deputy Minister of Finance.

The documents appear to show both a deal in return for a guilty plea and a requirement that neither man talk to the media about the deal.

To download the leaked documents click here.

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