BC Safety Charter Surpasses 70 Signatures

By April 28, 2013Business News

With less than a week before the May 2nd annual BC Safety Charter Roundtable, the Charter Steering Committee is pleased to announce that, as of April 26, 2013 we have not only surpassed our stated goal of having a minimum of 60 signatures on Charter by the end of 2013, we have already brought the total number of signatories up to 72.

Only two weeks ago it was announced that the number of Charter signatories had surpassed the 2013 target of 60 with 62 names on the Charter but an additional ten members have joined the movement in the last two weeks.

Ben Hume

Ben Hume

“This is a major milestone,” said Steering Committee Chair Ben Hume about beating the 2013 target so early in the year adding, “The fact that we have reached it so soon is an indication of the strength of our vision and the receptiveness with which our mission is being received by business and industry across BC.

On May 2nd former Vancouver Canucks captain Trevor Lynden and W. Brett Wilson of Dragon’s Den fame will be addressing the second BC Safety Charter Roundtable which will be held at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver.

The Charter was launched in 2011 by a small group of industry leaders within the food and beverage processing and manufacturing industry in BC determined that injury rates in their industry and throughout the province were too high. They decided to do something about it.

The Charter had 22 inaugural signatories.

W. Brett Wilson

W. Brett Wilson

The organization’s first roundtable was held November 27, 2012 and delegates were updated on the progress made on the group’s objectives and the new signatories were publicly introduced.

Since its launch in 2011 the BC Safety Charter has been recognized both nationally and internationally and has been described as one of the most significant business initiatives in Western Canada.

“By affixing our names to the BC Safety Charter we are demonstrating our commitment to the health and well-being of our workers by creating a healthy work environment, says Hume.
“We are committed to driving that safety culture message home across all industries, businesses, organizations and communities in BC through our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.”

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