Bennett Should Resign Over Dangerous Smart Meter Program

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Saskpower’s Ceo resigns over dangerous smart meter program; should BC’s Bennett be next?
By Sharon Noble-Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters. After eight smart meter failures (minor fires with little damage and no injuries), an immediate independent investigation of the Saskatchewan smart meter program was demanded. Installations ceased, and smart meters were ordered removed from homes. In a highly critical report released on Oct. 27, Sask Power was found to have implemented the program without considering public safety a priority. Upon release of the report, the Ceo of sask power, mr. Robert Watson, resigned immediately, without severance.

After more than 28 fires and failures that are documented in official agencies’ documents, what has BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett done? Nothing. In fact worse than nothing. He continues to deny these “events” have occurred. Has he asked for an investigation into the program, the safety of the smart meters, or to confirm that the public’s welfare is BC Hydro’s priority? No.

The BC government and BC Hydro rushed the implementation program, allowing no independent oversight into its procurement or safety. In 2008, the BC Utility Commission refused Fortis’s application for the same program for 2 basic reasons: the benefits did not justify the costs and the technology was too new, unproven, and was likely to need expensive upgrading. Could this have been why the government, in the Clean Energy Act, banned BCUC from any oversight whatsoever?

BC Hydro has been allowed to ignore regulations such as those in the BC Safety Standards Act, installing meters on our homes that have not been safety tested according to BC and Canadian Standards, and denying any responsibility for the multiple smart meter failures. BC Hydro has consistently put the blame on the homeowner.
The BC Safety Authority, an agency that has responsibility for the tracking and reporting of electrical malfunctions and the enforcement of the Safety Standards Act, was banned from reporting on any smart meter fault they found or from forcing BC Hydro to comply with the laws.

It’s time for a full independent investigation into BC Hydro’s smart meter program.

There have been far more failures and fires associated with the ItroN smart meter in BC than there have been in saskatchewan, as found in official documents obtained through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. Yet BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett and the head of BC Hydro’s smart meter program, Greg Reimer, continue to deny any have occurred. Mr. Bennett has tried to mislead the public by saying that the brand of smart meters used in BC are not the same as used in Saskatchewan. While this is true, the fact remains that fires and meter failures have occurred in BC.

Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters believes this is not just a coincidence. “It appears as if the government did not want any oversight at all from any agency that has the duty and responsibility to protect the public’s welfare. This lack of concern for the safety of the public is alarming.”
A Fire Report was sent to the government in August by the Coalition, with examples taken from FOI documents of “failures” as well as fires that were not tracked officially. Noble believes it is ludicrous for the government to deny that fires and failures have occurred when Hydro itself has reports to the contrary.

The Coalition believes that the lives and property of British Columbians are just as important as those of people living in saskatchewan. It is time for the government to do the right thing and end this dangerous program until and unless it can be proven to be safe.

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  • Lori Richardson Giesbrecht says:

    BC HYDRO and TED OLYNYK are telling BC tax payers “EVERY BC Hydro customer is treated equally”!! Meanwhile, BC Hydro is NOT charging meter reading fees to those in MANY rural areas with smart meters that are not yet hooked up to the grid!! BC Hydro is playing GAMES with EVERY one of their hold out customer who unlike them actually DO care about their (and their family’s) health and safety!!! Here is my message to Bill Bennett,the BCUC, The BC Ombudsmen,Christy Clarke, BC Hydro and Ted Olynyk: I will NEVER EVER be blackmailed or bullied by you or anyone else!! My mission will NOT waver, I will NOT stop and I will NEVER give up until every single smart meter has been removed from every single BC taxpayer’s mobile home, basement suite, apartment, condo, house, business, garage, bike house, play house, out house, hen house, doll house… I don’t CARE where they are, smart meters HAVE GOT to be removed NOW!!Smart meters are NOT CSA approved, they are causing all kinds of health, privacy and let’s not forget the COUNTLESS double billing issues!Smart meters are VERY dangerous and should NEVER have been allowed into Canada in the first place… then there’s the fact that while big brother backs them up,big brother allows BC Hydro to continue bullying, blackmailing and lying to hold out customers while they attempt blackmail us and force them onto our homes, our businesses and into our lives!!
    At LEAST Saskatchewan’s Government is putting the tax paying voting Sask Power customer’s safety before YOUR greed and the almighty dollar!!
    Meanwhile right here in BC, I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit every time there is a smart meter fire or failure, BC Hydro keeps paying our province’s fire inspector Len Garris to keep his mouth shut and doctor EVERY smart meter fire report and failure so they don’t have to take responsibility for damages to people’s meter sockets, homes and businesses!! It’s a miracle that so far no one in BC has been KILLED by YOUR inexcusable and deliberate negligence!!

    Since the smart meter program began, the BC energy minister Bill Bennett, The BC utilities commission, the BC ombudsman and our premiere the NOT so honorable Christy Clarke ALL stand behind BC Hydro and they continue to do so!!

    Make no mistake these people are ALL the BULLIES of British Columbia!!!

    BC Hydro is trying to financially bankrupt and radiate EVERY customer by forcing these pieces of JUNK on every single customer. Either we take one and live with this dirty radiation and it’s COUNTLESS health, privacy and safety issues or if we can’t afford the always changing extortion fee, BC Hydro cuts our power off!!
    MANY of us are seeing first hand the levels BC Hydro will not hesitate to sink to in order to force their OWN customers into accepting these pieces of radiation emitting JUNK!

    It seems the only smart meter fires and failures being reported are within the Coalition to stop smart meters in BC and there have been MORE here then in Saskatchewan and Oregon COMBINED!!

    The biggest failure IN BC lies in the hands of those who are trying to get away with bankrupting and radiating the BC tax payers… and they are ALL listed above!! SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM FOR NOT PUTTING THE B.C. TAX PAYER’S SAFETY FIRST!!!

    Lori Richardson Giesbrecht

    Proud member of The Coalition To stop Smart meters in B.C.

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