Abboitsford’s 33rd annual Berrybeat Festival filled the weekend in Historic Downtown with street entertainers, mini-golf, rock climbing and crowds, crowds crowds …

The annual event is one of the best known community events in Abbotsford and is a significant draw for the downtown merchants who put int on every year.

The Abbotsford Downtown Business Association (ADBA) attracts patrons from throughout the Fraser Valley, Historic Downtown Abbotsford is a pedestrian-friendly people place; a thriving neighbourhood alive with unique shops ranging from vintage malls, sporting goods, clothing stores, crafts of all kinds, salons, spas, gyms and food!

You won’t find a more diverse selection of eateries as Downtown Abbotsford boasts; wine, tea and coffee shops,
50’s diners, bakeries, delis, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and the best “just like mom made it” you’ll ever taste; you name it, you’ll find it, in Historic Downtown Abbotsford.

Historic Downtown Abbotsford with its brick-lined sidewalks is a clean, picturesque and engaging residential and shopping district that is the preferred location for retail, professional and service businesses. Our downtown is a source of community pride and a desired destination for residents and visitors.

Abbotsford Downtown Business Association

2615A Montrose Ave.
Abbotsford, BC Canada
V2S 3T5

All photos by Bas Stevens
Berry Beat Bas Stevens 1
Beery Beat Bas Stevens 2
Beery Beat Bas Stevens 3
Berry beat Bas Stevens 4

Bas Stevens


Bas is the owner and photographer at MonoPod Photography.

You can follow Bas on Facebook where he publishes many of his photos.

To see more of Bas’ photos on Abbotsford Today click here

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Bas Stevens lives in downtown Abbotsford and shares the neighbourhood just as readily with his neighbours with homes as he does with the homeless, the drug addicted and others who are down on their luck.

Bas has a home and is known to most in the power structure in Abbotsford as a man who calls things as he sees them and is very involved in his community and the political process which guides it.

You can find him most Wednesday nights over at Jubilee Park during The 5 and 2 Ministries meal for the homeless. Failing that, you catch him either at Legal Grounds Coffee House chewing the ear off of a politician or giving as good as he gets over at O’Neill’s Home Cooking over on Gosling.

You stand a good chance of finding him Saturday mornings over at the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market and Saturday evenings back over at Jubilee Park.

Wherever he is Bas usually has his eyes and ears wide open. We’re proud to have him as a contributor and urge you to get to know him if you give a damn about Abbotsford. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who cares more than he does.

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