Better Safe Than Sorry

By July 19, 2016Travel

Submitted. If you’re among those preparing for a summer vacation, there are some important aspects to consider before hitting the road, even if you don’t plan on going far. According to Kyndree Eastman (pictured at right),  insurance manager at Envision Insurance, a division of First West Insurance Services Ltd., even small trips require planning ahead to ensure your family and your possessions are protected.

“With the exception of insuring recreation vehicles, many individuals don’t consider insurance protection when they’re planning on travelling within their own province of residence or their own country,” says Eastman.

According to Eastman, there are three key areas to consider before you head out on your next family adventure:

Understand your medical coverage
“Although your B.C. Medical Services Plan will cover you within your home province, travellers need to be aware that your provincial coverage may not pay for all medical costs incurred outside your province of residence,” says Eastman. “The province of B.C. strongly advises that residents purchase additional health insurance before leaving the province, even if they’re staying within Canada.”

Review your expiry dates
“It’s extremely important that you check the expiry date on your insurance and driver’s license before you leave for any length of time to ensure adequate coverage while you’re away,” says Eastman. “You can renew your insurance up to 55 days before your insurance expires and your driver’s license can be renewed as early as six months prior to expiry.”

Plan for visitors while you’re away
“Not many homeowners are aware that most home insurance policies include a clause regarding the time your home can be unoccupied,” says Eastman. “It differs greatly from policy to policy so it’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider, prior to leaving, to ensure you’re meeting the requirements of your policy. Ultimately, having someone house-sit or visit your home daily while you’re gone is a good rule of thumb to follow.”

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