Board Of Ed Approves 14/15 School Calendar

Submitted. The Abbotsford Board of Education has approved a local school calendar for 2014-15 that provides a two week spring break running March 16-27, 2015. Other aspects of next year’s calendar:

◦ School begins the day after Labour Day (Sept. 2nd)

◦ Includes a two-week winter vacation

◦ Six non-instructional days

◦ Thursday June 25, 2015, as the last school day for students (Friday June 26th for teachers).

◦ Thursday November 27, 2014 has been designated for Parent-Teacher Conferences

◦ 180 days of instruction

◦ Hours of Instruction per Day:

◦Elementary = 4h 53m

◦ Middle = 4h 55m

◦ Secondary = 5h 18m

Parents and employees were able to participate in an online survey conducted by the district between mid-January and mid-February, which asked for their preference between two proposed calendars. Some 1,330 survey responses were received, with 63% in support of the “Earlier Spring Break (March 16 to 27)” calendar option.

Of respondents, 88% have a child currently attending a school in Abbotsford; and 25% of the respondents were employees of the school district.

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