Board Of Ed Introduces New Strategic Plan, Achievement Plan

Submitted. Three significant documents impacting education in Abbotsford were approved by the Board of Education at its public meeting on May 27.  A refocused Strategic Plan and the annual Achievement Plan (“District Plan for Student Success, 2014-15”) were approved along with the annual budget, ensuring the alignment between resources, priorities and overall district goals.

The Board acknowledged success with the current strategic plan, and is pleased that the focus on achievement has resulted in greater success for students. With many targets from the 2010 strategic plan having been met, the Board has updated and launched a refreshed draft of the strategic plan to move the district forward in the coming years.

Feedback and data has been collected and reviewed through various means: student achievement results, improvements in processes, system efficiencies, public consultations, and program reviews. As a result of this review the Board is now in a position to affirm a renewed strategic plan for 2014–2018.

Key pillars of the plan include:

  • Excellence in teaching;
  • Excellence in leadership;
  • Flexibility and access to programs and services;
  • Ethical and innovative use of technology; and
  • Parental and community engagement.

The draft strategic plan will be shared with district staff, parents, students, and the community for feedback, which will help to shape the final version which the Board intends to formally launch this fall.

Meanwhile, the district’s annual Achievement Plan provides an overview of student successes and achievements over the past year, and goals for the coming year. The document is the 13th ‘accountability contract’ created by the district. Objectives from the Board’s strategic plan have been embedded throughout this document.

The annual operating budget is key to the successful implementation of the Achievement Plan and overall strategic direction. This allows the Board to ensure resources are carefully allocated for the benefit of all students in the district.

“These three documents are significant guides for the Board of Education, and reflect our ongoing work to fulfill our district vision of a world-class, innovative, and individualized educational experience for every student,” said Board Chair Cindy Schafer. “The feedback we receive on the draft of our strategic plan will be vital for the Board to reflect the priorities and desires of our students, parents, district staff and the community at large. We look forward to sharing this work with our community.”


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