Bob Bos’ Personal Attacks And Fear Tactics Have Backfired

By February 15, 2014Letters, Pop Voice

Dear Editor. It’s sad that Mr. Bos resorts to personal attacks to defend his position.  It’s disappointing that he makes bold statements like “the stats are there, check it out” to support his erroneous argument (number of homeless in Abbotsford compared to other cities), contradicting the results of the 2011 Homeless Count.  None of these comments meaningfully contribute to the current debate.

Mr Bos has done a good job of revitalizing his properties in the ADBA.  His efforts were financially supported by the taxpayers of Abbotsford.  Unfortunately, he and his supporters have angered many taxpayers with these type of personal attacks and fear tactics.  Many of these citizens are the very people who shop and support the ADBA businesses. Angering your customer base is not a wise long-term business strategy.

Surely there is a way all parties involved can develop strategies to ensure the ACS proposed project augments the success of the ADBA.

A good beginning: focus on finding solutions to valid concerns and eliminate derogatory comments about those holding contrary opinions.

Gary Guthrie

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  • Bas Stevens says:

    Bob Bos is not interested in finding or working towards solutions, he is only interested in creating more and more conflict based on lies and fear mongering!

    Mr. Bos, do not forget that it is the tax payers of Abbotsford who are on the “hook” for the tax deferrals that ADBA receives when members of your association do renovations to their businesses that results in an increase in property value. Yes, the tax payers are on the “hook” for 5 years! Now, I ask you, is that fair? I think not! I believe that it is called “the cost of doing business”, is it not?

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