Books: Do Art & Money Really Belong Together?

By April 2, 2015Books

Submitted. Art & Money is a book on, well, Art and Money, from Kelowna based artist Julia Trops. This book is based on her interactions with artists, businesses, and the community over the past twelve years.

“When I finished university, I really had no idea which way to turn because of the lack of education on how to function as a professional artist. Even today, I hear questions all the time about how can a new artist (with or without a degree) get established. An artist can take the concepts presented in this book and apply them to navigate in their own career. It’s one of many books that can help an artist on their way.”

It is about cooperation and partnership with artists, and businesses and the city, and the signing locations follow this premise. ” These are fairly vast subject areas, and they are broken down in to manageable parts,” Trops says.

The back cover reads:
This is not a book for those who fly by the seat of their pants.
This book will give you candid practical advice on what you need to do from a business perspective, to the art documents you require to manouevre around the art world,
pricing your artwork, who are your cheerleaders, and what kind of requirements you should expect from dealing with charities as an art professional, who you might want to donate to and how, and consideration of who to stay away from, how to get involved with your local community, and create your own events.

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