Brauns’ Commitment To Homeless ‘Hopeful’ – Larkin

The Globe and Mail ran a story today on the chalenges facing Abbotsford’s Mayor-Elect Henry Braun on the issue of homelessness.

[excerpt]During his campaign, Abbotsford mayoral candidate Henry Braun suggested several steps the city could take to tackle homelessness, including pushing for social housing projects and specialized mental-health teams.

Now that he has been elected, Mr. Braun faces the challenge of putting those steps into effect in a city whose highest-profile homelessness strategy to date has involved spreading manure at a site where homeless people were known to gather.

“I know that during the campaign, homelessness was a central issue and that individuals, including Mr. Braun, the mayor-elect, have indicated they want to work toward positive solutions to create housing and keep people safer,” D.J. Larkin, a lawyer with Vancouver-based Pivot Legal, said on Monday. “I think that’s hopeful.”


The Pivot Legal Society will be making a motion in BC Surpreme Court Friday asking the court for the City of Abbotsford to help meet the immediate needs of the men and women at the ‘MCC DIgnity Village’ protest camp on Gladys Avenue.

Most recently the City of Abbotsford took down and removed the few small shelters the homeless protesters had erected with their own supply of donated pre-fab housing units to protect them against the cold and rain while the City drags the court case our over the winter with motions and appeals.

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