Bravo Mayor Banman – Another Black Eye

By October 23, 2013Issues, Mike Archer

“What I’m not going to be done is pushed up against a wall because Mr Shantz decides that he wants to literally pitch a tent in a public park and demand the city do something.” – Bruce Banman, Country 107.1, Oct 23, 2013

With those comforting, conciliatory and tender words Mayor Bruce Banman opened the dialogue with the Drug War Survivors on an out-of-town radio station this morning.

  • Did he drive down the street in his yellow Mustang to talk to Barry Shantz or the homeless men and women he’s fighting with … No
  • Did he call Barry Shantz and offer to discuss what the Drug War Survivors want … No
  • Does he even care what the Drug War Survivors want … Obviously not.

Mayor Banman is once again showing his true colours. He simply doesn’t believe the people represented by Barry Shantz and the Pivot Legal Society – the ones his City goons covered in chicken feces last summer – deserve to treated like citizens.

I wonder how long it will be until he sends the City’s private police force in to clean things up.

Bravo Mayor Banman. Wonderful leadership style. Way to seize the day and give Abbotsford another black eye.

Show some courage Bruce. Drive down the street and talk to the citizens you are so intent on fighting with.

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