Bruce … In His Own Words

You may not remember Mayor Bruce Banman’s embarrassing video on the City of Character website (it’s since been taken down) but this satirical take on his intense moral tone and his smiling, almost joking, rendition of what he appears to believe are the words which reveal his character, has re-surfaced on YouTube.

Banman provided the video clip for the City of Character religious movement, which has been roundly criticized for co-opting leaders of civic institutions including the City of Abbotsford, the Abbotsford Police Department and the Abbotsford School Board, into adopting and endorsing right-wing Christian values and agreeing to promote them throughout our secular institutions.

Banman’s evocative narrative about his grandfather seems to betray a certain misunderstanding of his own role as Abbotsford’s Chicken Manure Mayor and his well-documented war on his city’s homeless citizens.

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