Bryana Buttar Makes National Squad

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Congratulations to Bryana Buttar!
From Abbotsford Magnuson Ford Soccer Club. An Abbotsford Magnuson Ford product and current FVFC player, Bryana was recently invited to a National Selection Camp in Ontario and ended up making the U15 National Team. She and her team mates are off to the Cayman Islands in August for a tournament matching their skills against teams from around the world.

We asked Bryana a few questions about her experiences, her comments are below.

1. What was the training session in Toronto like?

The sessions were really good and I learned a lot. They taught me things that will help me throughout game situations. We did some position based stuff, scrimmages, & other drills based on technical and tactical. But overall I found the training sessions pretty intense in a good way.

2. How many girls were there?

There were 33 girls who were called up to try out. 18 out of the 33 girls made it.

3. Did you think you did well at the Toronto sessions?

Well at the first session I was having a really hard time, all that was going through my mind was how all the players were so good and how could I possibly be as good as them. That’s what you call a red head. Which I was taught at the camp, it means that all that is going through your mind is negative thoughts. But after that I talked to my own club coach, Jason, and he told me to be proud of my ability, and enjoy the experience. He told me that I was only 13 and this is all part of my development going to the highest level. He said a lot of stuff, which helped me so much. The following days of training I thought I did really well. I didn’t let any negative thoughts get to me. I was playing with confidence and I played like myself. So overall I thought I did really well and I’m glad I got the opportunity to even go to the training camp.

4. What were your first thoughts when you knew you had been selected?

Well my dad was driving me home from soccer practice and all of a sudden I checked his phone and I saw the email and I was jumping up and down and screaming I nearly caused him an accident! All I could think was is this really happening? I was literally in shock and I was over the moon happy. I couldn’t even believe it. I had so much excitement in me and just couldn’t wait for the trip. For me getting picked meant the world.

5. Does you know where the Cayman Islands are?

Well at first I had no clue where it was, all I knew was that it was some place nice! But then I had to search it up to figure it out. I then found out it was in the Caribbean.

6. What are you looking forward to the most for the upcoming trip?

I’m most looking forward to getting the chance to play games and represent Canada. And getting the chance to get close with my future teammates and coach.

7. What are you most nervous about?

I’m not really nervous about anything. I mean I’m kind of nervous of how I’m going to play with all these high level players, but I think I can adjust to it. I usually get nervous before games just thinking about how I’m going to play but when I step on the field my nerves usually get out of the way and I play soccer just the way I know how to.

8. What is your favourite position to play?

Centre Back

9. Who is your favourite player on the women’s national teams?

My favourite players are Sophie Schmidt & Christine Sinclair.

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