Bullies Still Around After Pink Shirt Day

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Submitted. Pink Shirt Day has come and gone.

We all got to express how we feel about bullying and now all’s back to normal. Including toxic environments created by bullies.

Having watched someone single-handedly change what was a really nice work atmosphere into a toxic environment, I have to wonder why this is tolerated.

Sorry to say, bullying is not just confined to schools. Once you get into the workforce you will find that bullies don’t just fall of the face of the earth or ‘find serenity’ and stop bullying.

It now has the potential of becoming even more serious as the bullies now have power over others’ ability to make a living.

Imagine having to go to work every day and having to wonder if your job is in jeopardy if you stand up for yourself.

What if the head of the company does not stop the bullying dead in its tracks? What if the head of the company is the problem?

Everyone is entitled to feel safe, at all times in all places.

We can’t have Pink Shirt Day every day.

So here are some tips found on eHow.com

First – how to recognize a bully – which is useful reading for those who are not being bullied. Those who are, don’t need to have bullies defined for them.

Most people recognize bullying in the workplace slowly over time or as a gradual proess. Many people may believe or hope that the situation will pass. Victims of bullying in the workplace may also doubt themselves and think they are to blame for the abusive behavior of others.

Signs of bullying in the workplace include feeling anxious, dreading going to work, not sleeping well and worrying about your future employment.

Most bullying in the workplace is done by people in management positions. Sometimes coworkers are abusive.

Most bullies in the workplace who abuse and oppress people cannot deal with their own immaturity and insecurity issues. Bullies are usually charming, two-faced, narcissistic and controlling. If you are dealing with bullying in the workplace, consider the steps below.

How to Deal With Workplace Bullies

  1. Recognize that what is happening to you is bullying in the workplace.. Do not believe that you deserve any kind of abuse. The bully is the problem, not you
  2. As soon as you suspect bullying in the workplace, keep a detailed log of each incident with the time and date. If anyone overheard or saw you being abused, write down his or her name. Make copies of any written correspondence that reveals any bullying in the workplace
  3. If possible, confront the person and ask him or her to stop the abusive behavior. Stay calm and professional. Make sure to have a witness. Due to the immature and irrational behavior of people who are bullying in the workplace, the bullying is still likely to continue
  4. Get a copy of your company’s harassment policies, and complain to Human Resources about bullying in the workplace. Keep detailed records of all communication with the HR department. Typically, Human Resources will look into the situation; however, the bully will probably deny everything and make all kinds of accusations against your character
  5. Get help from a psychiatrist for bullying in the workplace. You may be experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a normal reaction from being in an abusive environment. Symptoms include weight fluctuations, night sweats, crying fits, nausea, ulcers, heart palpitations and body aches and pain
  6. Consider finding another job. When looking for a new job, watch for signs of bullying in the workplace. Signs of bullying in the workplace are a high turnover rate, absenteeism, poor productivity and poor customer service. (This is not something I agree with. I believe the bully should be fired. How else are they ever going to learn that their behaviour is not tolerated.)

Keep in mind that you are not alone. Bullying in the workplace is called the silent epidemic. It is more prevalent than most people realize.

Workplace Violence

Canada’s leading workplace violence reporting service.

No one should have to put up with bullies in the workplace. There is simply no excuse for their behaviour.

Take strength from this song, first done by Cyndi Lauper and re-done by Artists Against Bullying.

imagine from Artists Against Bullying

imagine from Artists Against Bullying

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