Business Feature: Abbotsford Pet Food Company Sells Natural Raw Diet Foods

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Abbotsford resident Chris Obradovich loves animals. He loves them so much that, the more he discovered about the problems facing the modern pet, the more he learned how crucial it was to feed a proper diet. After learning about the mass amount of inferior products on the market Chris was inspired to provide a quality trustworthy food, and thus a new business was born.

What is Petobee?

Petobee is a company dedicated to providing you with quality pet food you can trust. Petobee operates with a high degree of integrity character, and care.

You won’t find chemicals, preservatives, fillers, or added sugar and salt in our food. What you will find, is a healthy, natural food your pet will love from the name you’ll come to trust . . . Petobee!

About Us

We are a small local business priding ourselves on Integrity, Character, and Quality! We care about the food we produce for our pets and yours! We work closely with trained professionals and labs to ensure the highest quality product!

Why a Raw Diet?

The heat process used in the manufacture of dry kibble can change or destroy many important nutrients. Raw food diets are intended to keep the pet’s food as close to a natural state as possible.

Chris Obradovich, Owner Petobee

Chris Obradovich, Owner Petobee

In addition, most commercially available dry kibbles contain grains which most dogs or cats would not ordinarily eat in the wild. Many pets have allergic or gastronomic difficulties with some or all types of grains.

The raw food diets that we carry do not contain grains and are complete, balanced, and whole diets for cats or dogs providing proper levels of proteins, calories, vitamins and minerals.

Pet owners feeding raw diets often report the benefits of better skin and coats, better weight control, fewer allergy symptoms, less backyard clean-up and better overall health.

Petobee Vet RecommendedExperts Agree!

“More than dog food, Petobee is a complete raw diet that provides an optimal balance of ideal nutrients with no fillers or undesirable ingredients. Petobee will not only allow your dog to actualize his full physical and mental potential, but also ensure maximal energy, fitness and immunity. – Lauren Henry, Canine Nutrition.

Natural Diet

Petobee DogWhat is a natural diet, and why should you feed it to your pet?

Natural =

NO dyes
NO preservatives
NO inappropriate fillers
NO processing

Natural = carnivorous diet, since dogs and cats are meat-eaters, and should not be forced into an omnivorous (i.e. bagged dog food) diet.

The pet food industry tries to convince us that dogs and cats can exist as omnivores. They can indeed survive on the poor diet, just as we can survive on dry bread and water, but are they really healthy?

UNNatural =

– 4D meat (diseased, down, dying, dead)
– loaded with grains that dogs cannot digest
– preservatives, carcinogenic chemicals, sugar, and salt to entice your dog to eat more
– heat processed for prolonged shelf life.

Petobee ProductsPetobee Products

Compare to leading brands and save!

Petobee is produced in premeasured 1/4lb slabs. Petobee recommends 1lb (4 slabs) of food for every 50lbs of a dog’s weight.


Therefore a 25lb dog would eat 1/2lb (2 slabs) of Petobee a day.

This means one large box of premium natural food would last for 2 months!

And remember, a healthy pet means less visits to the vet!

Petobee products are available for purchase in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada and produced right here in the Fraser Valley! We look forward to hearing from you!

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