Business Feature: Passion Parties – The Ultimate Girls Night In!

Passion Parties, and by extension, Passion Parties with Daisy, is all about providing education on sexual well being, and keeping relationships strong and happy- all in a safe, relaxed environment.

In-Home Parties

Passion Parties is an in-home parties based company, designed to give you and your friends the opportunity to taste, touch, and sample some of the most innovative products available to inspire sensuality, intimacy and passion, as well as be informative and, of course, fun!

These parties are a great way to get the girls (or other like- minded couples) together to unwind. We have THE most competitive prices in the market, plus all your purchases come with a 90-day guarantee, and the parties are FREE to host, with no minimum purchases required.

Sensual Aids More Popular Than Ever

Sensual aids are more popular than ever, but most places where these items are sold, tend to feel uncomfortable for many shoppers, or are online, where the customer doesn’t have the opportunity to check out the products outside of it’s packaging to check for things such as feel, size, or quality.

Comfortable, Confidential

Through in-home parties, we are able to give you, the customer, the chance to do just that, while being in a comfortable, confidential, non-judgmental space.

Founded in 1994, Passion Parties Inc, led by female executives, strives to bring the highest quality products to our clients, as well as promoting tools to keep the spark alive in relationships. An example of how much we care for our customers: our entire line is 100% phthalate free!
Plus we offer several products designed to specifically address a common issue with many women: a low sex drive. When you contact me, Daisy, you can ask me more about that, or wait until the night of your own Passion Party, where I make sure to always at least touch on that subject.

Bathroom And Massage Essentials

Along with those items, we also carry a full line of beautifully scented bathroom and massage essentials, all designed to enhance your romance.

From our Green Tea bath salts, to our Plumeria scented “Silky Sheets”, and our new line of Pomegranate Ginger scented products, and our pheromone infused unisex perfume, we truly do have everything you need to take control of your love life- including knowledge!

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“Passion Parties” Tastefully done and so much fun

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