Business Of Agriculture: Beaverbrook Farms Celebrates 100 Years

Beaverbrook Farms celebrates 100 years of traditions

Submitted. Recognizing long-standing dairy farming traditions, the Government of British Columbia is proud to congratulate and present Beaverbrook Farms and the Toop family with a Century Farm Award for over 100 years of hard work. Chilliwack MLA John Martin presented the award to the Toop family on behalf of Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick.

“We are proud to be a fifth-generation, 100 years plus family farm! The
hard work and commitment of previous generations has given us this
opportunity. Dairy farming has experienced huge changes over the
century but one aspect remains. It is a ‘way of life’ that supports
traditions and family – a reward for all of us!” – Victor and Jim Toop

In November 1903, farm founder Hector Toop purchased the 80 acre
Hodgson estate in Sumas and operated a small dairy farm on the
property. Since then, the farm has been passed down from older to
younger Toop family members. Still standing today, proudly showcasing
the farm’s rich history, are two landmarks – the dairy barn erected in
1918 and the family home built in 1921. Often referred to as “The Big
House”, the family farm house is known locally as a landmark on Yale

“While farming continues to evolve, B.C. farmers continue to pass down
years of proud traditions. It’s important that we celebrate these
milestones and honour the long standing traditions and hard work of
farmers and their families.” – Chilliwack MLA John Martin

Dairy farming has changed a lot over the last century. However, the
Toop family has embraced many technological advancements while
maintaining some of the traditions. Farm life and the traditions that
come with it are embraced by all Toop family members – young and old.
Today, Beaverbrooks Farm is operated by Victor, a fourth generation
farmer and his son Jim Toop, a fifth generation farmer.

Century Farm Awards honour agricultural organizations that have been
active for 100 years. Each Century Farm Award celebrates the rich
heritage of farming and ranching families and organizations in B.C. The
Century Farm award program was created in 1994 to mark the centennial
of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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