Business Of Agriculture – The Future Of BC’s ALR

Protecting Agricultural Land: The Past, Present and

Proposed changes to BC legislation have put the Agricultural Land Reserve at risk. Protecting the ALR is essential to the food security and sustainable development of our province.


Harold Steves, Richmond councillor and one of the founders of the ALR.
Ray Galawan, Farmer, FarmWatch BC representative and frontline defender of farmland
Dr. Lenore Newman, a writer and researcher in the areas of sustainable food systems and sustainable urban form.
Michael Lyons, owner, Graze Restaurant


A community event on issues surrounding the Agricultural Land Reserve in support of FarmWatch BC. Panelists will present perspectives on the past, present and future of the ALR.


Sunday, March 2nd


Graze Restaurant
3980 Fraser St., Vancouver

FarmWatch BC: FarmWatch is a grassroots group of farmers and residents, based in Richmond. Together they protect farmland from dumping and save farm ecosystems from degradation.
Graze Restaurant: Graze features a plant-based menu (including all wines, beers & spirits) incorporates as many locally & organically produced ingredients as possible.

For more information contact:

Denise Brennan, Graze Restaurant, 778.232.4214
FarmWatch, 604.727.1969
Dr. Lenore Newman, 604 754 0569

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