Five Tips To Avoid The Halloween Hangover

By Kristine Fretwell. Halloween is a time for fun, and for most, a time for candy. It can be hard to resist temptation when the treats are staring you in the face at work and at home.

Most of the fun sized candy bars seem small and harmless, but who can just stop at one? The calories can add up really fast. Before you know it, you’ve consumed more than a full sized chocolate bar.

If you don’t want all that extra junk food throwing a wrench in your health and fitness plan, follow these tips.

1) Get rid of the excess candy
Whether it means giving it away, throwing it away or even donating it, get it out of the house. I hear that some dentists will take some of your child’s candy for prizes. You could also take some to your local food bank or shelter.

2) Don’t let a couple bad days ruin your week
Don’t let a couple days of bad eating make you throw in the towel for the whole week. Get right back on your eating plan the next day. If you’ve over-eaten and aren’t as hungry the next day, make sure to still eat regularly. If your appetite isn’t there, stick with proteins and veggies and go easy on the carbs.

3) Keep variety high
Boredom in your everyday diet can cause you to reach for the treats. A healthy diet doesn’t mean plain chicken and broccoli, so find new recipes and stay excited about healthy food. I offer a bunch of quick and easy recipes here

4) Sub with water & gum
When cravings strike, drink water and reach for a stick of gum. Water does a great job of filling you up, so it will subside the cravings. Gum is great as it will give you the sweet kick, but without the calories.

5) Don’t forget to eat
Skipping meals is the worst way to save calories. You’ll end up more hungry and reaching for junk food. Having a balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats at each meal will keep you on plan and keep cravings at bay. I recommend eating 5-6 small meals a day, that way, you’re never starving as you have a constant food supply every few hours.

Kristine Fretwell

Kristine is a Mission resident who was born in Ontario, Canada but was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having graduated high school with honors, she then went on to earn her Diploma in Marketing Management/ Professional Sales from BCIT in 2001. After becoming a Registered Nutritional Product Advisor (RNPA) with the Alive Academy of Natural Health, she sought a career within the industry.

Kristine Fretwell

Being active has always been a priority for Kristine. Growing up she enjoyed dancing and numerous sports. In her adult years she’s enjoyed kickboxing, pilates, yoga and group classes. Kristine has always had a passion for healthy eating which was instilled by her mother. From a young age she remembers going to their local health food store on a regular basis.

It was after the birth of her daughter in July 2008 that she became more serious about being fit. Stepping on stage only 7 months after her daughter was born and placing 4th, she realized that first show wouldn’t be her last. In October 2009 at the FAME Canadian Nationals, Kristine came 1st place in the Advanced Fitness Model division earning her Pro Status. With her keen organization skills, she hopes to inspire other new moms to get back into shape amongst a hectic schedule, and help people of all ages keep motivated and lead them on a path to a healthier life mentally and physically.

To learn more about Kristine’s life and her journey to improved health, read her full story here.

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