AmbrÖse Bierce: Is Abbotsford Sally Ann Using Hunger, Thirst To Get Rid Of Homeless?

By AmbrÖse Bierce. Out walking earlier this evening – 7 pm – an observer would have noticed a van with 5 & 2 scrawled on the side in black paint across the road from the Salvation Army delivering food to the homeless camped in the ditch.

That group included the homeless who were the target of the City of Abbotsford’s use of chicken feces last week.

Why would the 5 & 2 Ministries have to bring food to the homeless camping across the street from the Salvation Army?

Is it because the Salvation Army will not feed them, will not even give them water, until the homeless go elsewhere? Although the Salvation Army has provided no help and has no place for them to go to. It appears they are just supposed to go.

If the Salvation Army is using hunger and thirst to drive the homeless away from – anywhere but – across the street from the Salvation Army, it would seem to confirm the Salvation Army presence at the meeting where the use of chicken feces to drive the homeless away was discussed and decided upon.

It might also confirm that at that meeting the Salvation Army remained silent on the use of chicken manure against the homeless; that after the meeting the Salvation Army did not protest to anyone at the city. Was that the bigwigs of the Salvation Army who stood at the front of the Care and Share Centre watching as the City spread the chicken manure?

AmbrÖse Bierce


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  • Sobe says:

    I don’t often cry at the world’s cruelness anymore, however this hits a bit too close to home. I have never much liked that the Sally Ann dishes out meals with a prayer, but I suppose if you are hungry, you put the prayer into perspective and eat the meal.
    An organization that markets themselves as helping the poor and unfortunate and who say on their front page of their website that they are there to help and who ask for donations for just that, seem to have a certain type of poor person they prefer to offer assistance to. Next thing you know poor people will have to convert to the Sally Ann’s beliefs before they get a sandwich.
    What may have started out as a noble idea way back when (way back when) has become a profitable business with people making good salaries, hasn’t it.

  • Anonymus says:

    I agree seems like Sally Anne is just a business. Deb Lowell goes on and on about how many meals have been provided and how SA helps with food etc etc, it would be nice to know how many people are denied food and water.

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