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By June 20, 2013Life, Pets, Valley News

By Cee Archer. Wonder why you are seeing Piglet with a heart pictured here?
I choose a picture of Piglet because we all remember that loveable brave little pig and the heart stands for why this story is being published here.

There is a lady in Mission who fell in love with pigs. Pigs are the type of creatures that most of us love growing up but then forget about once we’re adults.
Janice didn’t. She has allowed her love for pigs to turn into what I believe to be the only pig sanctuary in BC, Maybe even in Canada: Hearts On Noses.

Janice has taken it upon herself to be mom to several pigs and through her, a lot of us have learned that pigs are highly intelligent creatures who are capable of emotions far beyond what little Piglet showed.

When you meet Janice you will be amazed at her knowledge of Pigs, her deep devotion to them and her ability to be mom to these fascinating animals. There is nothing Janice won’t do to keep her sanctuary going and she takes on superhuman tasks to make sure they are loved, well fed, vetted and have a forever loving and safe home, either with her or by being adopted to very carefully screened homes. On top of that she tries to raise awareness about these amazing creatures.

Running a pig sanctuary is far more difficult than, say, one with little cuddly furry cats or cute little dogs. And it has taken a toll on Janice.
Not that she’d ever quit, mind you. She’ll have to be carried out. Which is what nearly happened to her a few days ago.
Janice had a heart attack, and at present is in the hospital fretting about her beloved pigs and, as usual finances.

Instead of resting and taking it easy, Janice has no stop button on her love and devotion.

This is where we come in. While we can’t be a stop button, we can be a safety blanket for Janice, even if it’s only while she recovers and gains her strength back.

The doctors told Janice she’s very lucky that she came in (two days after she had her heart attack, she probably assumed she was just stressed out).
At the very end of this column, we have put up the link to the Heart and Stroke foundation so that we are all able to recognize the warning signs.

Those of us who love animals and follow our favorite rescue blogs on the internet have an understanding of how stress is part of a rescuer’s life.

They always have worries, be it their charges are sick or their funds are low. It’s not an easy life and those in society who devote their souls to the animals who need an angel, are to be commended.

So when one of them suffers an injury or, as in this case, a heart attack, in a perfect world the community comes together and helps in the ways that we so easily can.

I am aware that none of us has a money tree out back, however, if we all give a bit, then it will grow into a security blanket that will aid in Janice’s recovery.

On the Hearts On Noses website there are ways to send a donation, and it also says that any amount of money will be appreciated, and if you don’t have any to spare, how about Canadian Tire money, Save on Food receipts or air miles. Every little bit helps.

Janice will need time to recover and get back on her feet so she can be the super mom that everyone knows her to be.
In the meantime she needs to know that all her hard work is not in vain. She needs to know that when the going gets tough, the community will step in and help.

Hearts on Noses can be reached via email to see if there is physical labour that needs doing, I am aware that other animal rescues will step in and help out with that also. However I am pretty secure in saying that, while animal rescues will give their last dime to those in need, they are all stretched thin.

So this is my request to every single one of you who remembers liking Piglet, who has a pet or who simply has a few dollars, some Canadian Tire money, or a collection of cans they can turn in for a few dollars to send, or any other way of helping or time on your hands …

Let’s let Janice know that she’s not alone. That her sanctuary, which means the world to her, will be ok. Because we all are stepping in and helping out. The way a community should.

I’m going to make a donation now, I hope you will follow my lead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

For ways to help, please check the info below.

No amount is too small and all donations contribute totally to the animals needs. Hearts On Noses also collect Canadian Tire Money, Save On Food receipts and Air miles.

Hearts on Noses can be contacted via email at or you can make a donation on PayPal, United Way and Canada Helps.
The information can be found on their website at:

Hearts on Noses is also on Facebook.

For those of you who would like to do something on a regular basis:

Sponsoring one of HON’s residents for $25.00 supports the sanctuary and gives the animals and their caretakers the insurance they need that help is coming every month.

For important information about heart attacks, please click here

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