Calvin Pete Saves Man From Overdose At DWS TeePee

By July 31, 2014Abbotsford News, News

Calvin Pete, the Shaman of the Abbotsford Drug War Survivors (DWS) TeePee on Gladys Avenue, stepped in and rescued a man in the middle of an overdose at approximately 10 am this morning. Authorities were called and the man was taken away to hospital by ambulance.

Cover Photo: DWS member Calvin Pete. Bas Stevens photo.

“My healing powers come in different ways,” said Pete.

“Calvin used his incredible healing skills to save a man’s life this morning,” says Barry Shantz, head of the DWS.

Pete is reported to have used a Narcan kit to save the man’s life. Every Narcan rescue kit comes with two doses of the drug.

The kits are used by caregivers and addicts to bring people back from the brink of an overdose.

Calvin Pete's healing stick which he brought with him to one of the hearings before the BC Supreme Court over Abbotsford's treatment of the homelss

Calvin Pete’s talking stick which he brought with him to one of the hearings before the BC Supreme Court over Abbotsford’s treatment of the homelss

“But it is important for people to understand that this wouldn’t have been able to have happened without the community of homeless drug addicts who were close and who look after one another with Calvin’s leadership.

“What are the drug addicts who have been scared away from the camp at the Happy Tree and into the woods supposed to do now that they are all alone?” he asked.

Reports from the evacuation site indicate things are going relatively smoothly with some people taking their what belongings they can with them.

The Salvation Army is providing assistance to store people’s belongings in containers. 5 and 2 Ministries is trying to assist people find somewhere to go.

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