Candidate Profile – Rick Barkwell

From Rick Barkwell for Abbotsford. We can make it better. Fiscal responsibility, better capital management, and a progressive, welcoming approach to new business, industry and residents will have our city flourishing and growing into the best city in the province. Together we will make Abbotsford better.

On November 15th we have a choice. We can choose to move forward in a positive manner or dwell on past mistakes and shortchange our future.

I am asking for your vote to help make this positive change. I will work for Abbotsford and for you.

Together we will make Abbotsford better.


  The elephant in the room. The Abbotsford Centre. The city cannot afford to maintain this facility on the backs of the taxpayers. It was a nice dream but the reality is we cannot afford it. A new anchor tenant with a revenue positive lease needs to be put into place as soon as possible.
The Clearbrook Road Airport industrial land and Mt. Lehman Road interchange north of the Automall  need to be used to create new jobs to rival the development in both Langley and Chilliwack. Abbotsford has  an airport that is an integral part of the economic well being of our city and that must continue to be a focus o​f new development.


 Increase in city revenue without applying the burden onto taxpayers. Revenue must come from development- commercial, industrial and residential. Job creation will bring higher demand for all three developments.

 Continued cost management has to be a priority, with debt reduction the primary goal. We cannot continue to dip into our reserve funds or increase taxes to fund increases in essential services. Tax increases cannot exceed inflation or the growth of our city.



Job growth and better land use. Abbotsford is a community that has been said is locked in the past.  We need to build a culture that embraces the future growth, not shun it. Growth needs to be well thought out, with communities within the city growing organically and vertically. Developments that have retail and office space below and residences above will create neighborhoods that could reduce commute time and make better use of land.

Abbotsford needs to create jobs. We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the province and in the country over 7.5%. Jobs will come when we encourage businesses to set up shop here. Focus on our primary economic drivers- agriculture and food processing, small retail businesses, and large employers like  Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre, University of the Fraser Valley and the Abbotsford airport.


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