Candidate Profile – Tim Felger

Activist, Marijuana Party candidate and former owner of the Da Kine store on Essendene Avenue in downtown Abbotsford Tim Felger is running for a seat on Abbotsford council.

Felgers says his platform is simple and straightforward. It consists of 15 points:

1) Lower the bus fare to $1.00 because the buses ride around empty and the goal should be to maximize ridership, not a fare price. It will actually cost the city nothing to lower the rates because ridership will increase and we will make more at a dollar than $2.25 for a ticket price.

2) Cut the police budget by $10,000,000 a year in 2 years. Their budget is over $50,000,000 a year and growing and Canada is becoming a police state with the drug war. I would change the uniforms and cars back to Blue and White instead of the Black and stop the drug arrest.

3) Pass bylaw’s so all police officers on patrol had to wear body cameras.

4) Institute Harm Reduction Programs in the city to deal with the Drug Addicted Homeless and make at least 5 camps for the homeless. One for families with children, one for economic homeless men and woman and several for the drug addicted.

5) I would lobby the Provincial government to increase the welfare payment for housing, so the Homeless will be able to afford an apartment in Vancouver and not migrate to Abbotsford.

6) Put 200 payphones in the city with them being able to receive incoming calls. Also make sure everybody in the city of Abbotsford has access to an email account from a community website where we also exchange ideas on city management and improving city life.

7) Cut the pay for all management positions in city government and policing, because no government official should make more than $100,000 a year anyway.

8) Stop payments and tax credits to the Abbotsford Downtown Business Association, because they are a waste of tax payer money and it is just government welfare for the business community.

9) Lobby the Provincial government to tax the churches and ask the churches to pay property taxes voluntarily until a law could be passed taxing their property. Churches not paying taxes, is just more government welfare. That would be a million dollars revenue a year to the city.

10) I would allow Marijuana to be sold in the city and tax it at 3% and the revenue to go to the city government and not the provincial or the Federal, they already have enough money and it is mostly wasted. That would be $4,000,000 revenue to the city every year.

Free Choice is the second most basic Christian doctrine.

11) I would sell the Hockey Area, because city government should not be in the hockey business.

12) I will not vote for any tax increases and no new taxes other than the Marijuana tax, taxing the churches and I would shift that 10,000,000 in Police operating cost savings to paying off debt, because more taxes will only encourage more waste in government.

13) I will attempt to shrink the size of government at all levels and to prosecute some government officials for their past deeds. I would start by prosecuting the past and present city employees for spreading chicken manure on the homeless camps because when ever you stop protecting another human from your government that is the second you loose your humanity.

14) I would stop paying for city advertising and encourage a Free Press, Public meetings where the city took input from the citizen and seek approval of a plan. Encourage Community Gardens, Gardens and gardening classes at the Public schools, build and maintain public public Bathrooms, Payphones and encourage Real social equality.

15) Everyone is entitled to clean water, non GMO food, clean stable housing and no government harassment. The greatest gift a government can give a citizen is to leave them alone.

A vote for Tim Felger is a vote for REAL CHANGE that will make our city a leader in community government and dealing with the social problems the American Drug War has created. No one should deny, our common bonds are Freedom, lower taxes and a gang free society.

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