Cats, Dogs, Animals Need Protection

By George Evens.The dilemma of Cat over-population and unwanted litters is more prevalent today than when I started The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) and assumed the moniker “Cat Father” back in 1995. Why is the Fraser Valley so remiss to join 21st Century Animal Welfare thinking? Why is there such a tremendous lack of compassion toward Animals, notably Cats for today’s purposes?

Over the years I have attended, along with countless other animal Advocates, at Municipal Councils across Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley, delegations to create awareness and have Municipal Councils adopt progressive and effective Bylaws to deal with the sad plight of thousands of Cats. Most Municipalities, again except the Fraser Valley, have adopted many Bylaws, most recently Tethering and addressing dangerous Dogs among others. Compassion seems to stop at Maple-Ridge, themselves with the SPCA having established a state-of-the-art- Animal facility. Across the river same scenario, compassion stops at Langley and again a beautiful Animal facility is erected. Yet nothing at Abbotsford, Mission or Chilliwack in the way of anything resembling a humane Animal facility let alone any Bylaws.

The former Mission Council purchased an old Dog Pound building for $ 600,000.00 and pay approx. $ 300,000.00 for Dog Control. Whereas by contrast the Fraser Valley Humane Society receive approx. 30,000.00 fee-for-service and Volunteers must raise donations, in part, to pay for an unheated basement in an office building downtown. There is no sane reasoning and certainly no compassion by Mayors or Councillors in the Fraser Valley who are themselves the greatest impediment to achieving an end to unwanted litters.

Thus, we are reaching out to the Public for compassion, wisdom to recognize our path to saving Animals from a cruel life and in many cases ,death, to embarking upon an additional step to awaken residents to heed the call to make the Fraser Valley a more compassionate place to live and work. The indifference and lack of compassion has reached far into the Human population, as well, with City of Abbotsford abysmal treatment of less fortunate garnering world-wide attention, to lack of Seniors’ amenities at Mission and Councils, most, devoid of good judgment, commonsense, compassion and pro-active political will to make our Communities not only Animal- Friendly but Age-Friendly, as well. The first step must come from you the readers of this plea and hopefully through your kindness and commonsense, will elect new Mayors & Councils, direct leaders to adopt our Animal Relations Program and similarly to focus upon working with the Homeless in Abbotsford to provide needed shelter.

It is through your becoming informed, kindness, generosity and direction to Mayors & Councillors you are fed-up and not willing to take undue criticism from the people around the World, that you do care and demand your elected politicians adopt more compassion and humane leadership values.

The Council (CLAW) website is an encyclopedia of Animal Advocacy, specific Bylaws needed to achieve success. The broader attempt is to improve the Criminal Code, by recognizing Animals as sentient-beings capable of feeling and fearing pain, to impose stringent fines and jail sentences to compel offenders to stop cruelty to Animals., As well, an early intervenor plan to act against, mostly younger persons, harming and killing Animals as doing so is a prelude to becoming a serial killer, as most serial killers are psychopaths and have committed inhumane heinous acts of cruelty, including killing Animals. Our depict horrendous acts under the “Gallery of Horrors”, it clearly states steps and Bylaws needed, from initially changing Animal from property, to Companion Animals and (former Owners) to Companion Animal Guardians. Next steps are Animal population control, mandatory spay, neuter and tattoo at 5 months of age, Breeder Permit to breed Animals, contributing to prohibiting puppy & kitten mills, no sale of Pets in retail stores and all Dogs or Cats for sale to be registered. Simple actions like No Tethering Dogs, provision of adequate shelter from inclement weather, adequate food, potable water, unfettered exercise and socializing preferably by retaining indoors, particularly at night. It is a fallacy to believe security of your family is enhanced tying a Dog outside.

The Fraser Valley is a haven for Coyotes and even lots of Bears are appearing, so the poor little neglected Cats, thrown outside, at night, could well become dinner for a predator. If you Cat is missing more than a few days, sadly it is probably eaten. Since 1995 we have witnessed a steady stream of presumably unwanted Cats, maybe eight or so at a time, they come around for awhile, many too scared to catch and then disappear. If anyone reading this is missing a Cat be aware and take constructive action. This is particularly true during this extreme cold weather, as no Dog or Cat should be left outside at night, likely prone to freezing to death and surely no one wants this fate to befall their loved family member. Sadly, we do recognize some care less, it is only an Animal, we hear, hence a mindset that is a major part of the problem at hand.

Simply, if your Mayor & Council have not adopted these simple and fundamental Bylaws they are remiss and shall remain a major part of the problem not part of the solution, so we are praying that your conscience may guide you and your compassion for animals may finally awaken you to the immense need that exists today, that you can help remedy now.

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