Chamber Executive Did Not Help With Review

By March 15, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. Re: Four Years Worth Of Constructive Criticism – For the record and for the sake of accuracy, you should know that although Allan Asaph, Patrick Geisbrecht and other key Chamber representatives were given two opportunities to share the Mayor and Council Performance Review with their members and to modify the review based on early feedback, they chose not to.

From a research perspective, their input was not actually required. The opportunity to participate was offered primarily as a professional courtesy and as a gesture of respect for many of their Chamber members who are also Abbotsford residents and taxpayers with legitimate opinions about the performance of their Mayor and Council.

As to why the Chamber Executive chose to shield their members from this review, I’m not sure. What I am certain of, however, is the many phone calls and emails I’ve received from local business folks since the release of my report. All stated, in their own way, that the final report was “bang on!” This, of course, is very affirming of the results. In fact, I am so confident about the research that I believe if the number of participants was quadrupled, there would be only a minimal or insignificant variation in the scores for each individual on Council.

Hope this is helpful. Please make the necessary correction so as not to misrepresent the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and their involvement in the research.

Thank you,
Sherril Guthrie

Editor’s Note: Thank you. We have made the correction.

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