Chamber’s Record Of Supporting Failed Projects

Dear Editor. Re:

Mike Welte Should Keep A Lower Profile

It seems to be time for Mr. Welte to get on his soapbox once again! Things just never seem to change, do they?

Based on the figures presented, the Chamber of Commerce represents a mere 13.3% of the local businesses and yet they profess to speak “for the business community”. Give me a break! If their representation of local businesses was, say 50% or better, then yes, they would have some right to be “heard” but not at a measly 13%.

The Chamber’s record of supporting failed projects and sink-holes is abysmal, to say the least. Their record speaks for itself, they are a FAILURE!

Until the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce learns that their role is to promote business in Abbotsford and not lobby for projects that cost the residential taxpayers huge sums of money, they should give serious consideration to closing their operation down for, as the editor has stated, their cries are nothing but self-serving.

Bas Stevens

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