Chicken Growers Receive $15,500 For Video

By February 15, 2013Abbotsford News, Valley News

Submitted. An educational video, which the Ministry of Agriculture says will provide consumers with factual information on how chicken is produced in British Columbia, is receiving Buy Local program funding.

The BC Chicken Growers’ Association will receive $15,500 to help with the cost of producing the short movie and the literature to support it. The video will showcase B.C. family-run chicken farms and the responsibility and care they take in ensuring animal welfare, bio security, food safety and the environment.

The real story on how B.C. chicken is produced

The video will debunk several myths, including:

Myth – B.C. chicken producers use hormones and steroids.
Fact – the use of hormones and steroids in the production of chicken is illegal in Canada and has been since the 1960s.

Myth – B.C. broiler chickens are raised in cages.
Fact – They are not raised in cages. They are free-run and have free access to feed and water.

“The BC Chicken Growers’ Association is grateful for the support from the B.C. government under the Buy Local program. This project will showcase our B.C. family-operated chicken farms and promote the fact we raise the highest-quality chicken in the world without the use of hormones or growth promotants. B.C. chicken is a healthy food choice and a very good protein source.”- BC Chicken Growers’ Association president Ravi Bathe

The poultry industry is the second-largest agricultural industry in British Columbia with farmers generating just under half a billion dollars in total combined revenues in 2011. The chicken produced in B.C. is popular both locally and internationally.

Asia is a key market. The Philippines was the biggest importer, receiving more than $10 million in B.C. chicken products.

The Buy Local program offers successful applicants matching funds up to $100,000 to launch or expand local food marketing campaigns. Building the local market for B.C. foods is a key commitment of government’s Agrifoods Strategy.

A component of the BC Jobs Plan, this strategy is designed to continue to grow the agrifoods sector into a $14-billion-a-year industry by 2017. The provincial government’s Buy Local program is administered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C.

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