Chiefs’ Income Transparency Ignites Anger

By August 10, 2014Guest Columns, Hot Topic

Chief Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation caused a national outrage when it was revealed he was only paid $4,800 a year as a salary for managing his reserve. Today editor Mike Archer spoke out on the issue and the issue has continued to draw attention from white, right-wing fanatics who are obsessed with the idea that a red man could earn more than they.

Chief among them of course is, of course, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who, last year made a paltry $327,400 compared to the $900,000+ Giesbrecht took home due to a one-time commission on the sale of an $8.2 million piece of property bringing an enormous inflow of cash to his reserve.

Letting It All Hang Out: On-Line Publication of Chiefs’ Income: Whose Holding Whom Accountable?
From Rarihokwats.

[excerpts] “… on Friday, a group of members put out a
statement and a YouTube presentation, saying that the
Chief and council “have done everything they can to bring
us forward in life,” Sylvia Myers said, “Now our
grandchildren, our children and our great grandchildren,
they are looking to the future.”
Lyle Cunningham said the First Nation had come together
as a team. “We need to move forward,” he said.
In a subsequent statement, Chief Geisbrecht said he
pleased that notwithstanding the four of the 82 members
of the First Nation who had asked him to resign.“I am
pleased to have support of majority of membership.”
He says he is paid $4,800 per year as chief, one of the
lowest-paid in the country. He also receives a salary of
$80,000 as the First Nation’s economic development
officer. He said the community had six projects on his
watch. He told Global News he is talking to his members.
“This story is important to me, as I have to answer to my

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