Chris And Chris Share Secrets In UFV Art Course

By April 28, 2014Arts/Culture

By Laura Crawford. Do you want to learn how to draw and paint from the experts? Then let us introduce you to Chris and Chris!

Artists Chris Woods of Chilliwack and Chris Friesen of Abbotsford are both accomplished professional artists of long standing. Woods is well known for his photo-realist style and visual commentary on consumer culture and has held more than 18 exhibitions since 1988. Friesen teaches in the Visual Arts department at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Now the general population can learn from these two pros through a new art course offered by UFV Continuing Studies. Drawing, Painting and Picture Making: Transformational Tools for the Beginning Artist starts May 7 at the UFV Abbotsford campus.

This course introduces you to technique, ideas, and theories related to the history of drawing and painting and will employ unique tools and exercises to quickly transmit the essence of how to draw and paint in a realistic manner.

This course is designed for beginning artists to help them understand and implement the key artistic tools and techniques needed to create a finished still-life acrylic painting on canvas.

Through a combination of short lectures, unique demonstrations of fundamental concepts in drawing and painting, and hands-on time in the studio, the course will help you break away from two-dimensional ‘symbolic thinking’ and become confident ‘picture makers’ equipped with the skills and surprising techniques used by artists throughout history.

“In this eight-week course, we plan to explore a brief history of human image-making, binocular vision and how we see the world, 2-D and 3-D shapes, linear perspective, light and shadow, colour theory, basic tools and materials for the artist and the combined application of these elements in creating a finished still-life artwork,” says Friesen.

This final-project painting will depict two or three objects precious to you, creating a ‘self-portrait’ in still life.

“We plan to teach students to keenly observe and interpret the world around them and to make a realistic representation of what they see (and what inspires them) on paper and canvas,” says Friesen. “This class endeavors to thoroughly teach the rules so the artist can be better equipped to break them.”

You can see the work of Chris Woods here.

More info, including video, about this exciting new course, can be found online.

To register call 604-851-6324. Class starts May 7 and runs for 8 weeks every Wednesday at 6:30-9 pm.

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