City, ADBA Unfriendly To Disabled

By June 5, 2014Letters, Pop Voice

Dear Editor, Re: ADBA Leases Centennial Library

Although this may speak volumes for the ADBA and their membership, it certainly flies in the face of a small, often forgotten, group of people, the disabled.


Unless major renovations are made to the entrances to this building, we, the disabled, will be denied access to and movement throughout it.


The ADBA is very unfriendly towards those of us who are disabled. If they were truly interested in our business they would, or should, insist that ALL of their members make their establishments truly “user friendly” not only to the able bodied but also to the disabled.


Once again, the City of Abbotsford and the Abbotsford Downtown Business Association (ADBA) have shown how discriminatory they truly are against a small minority of the population of Abbotsford.


Need I say more?


Bas Stevens

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  • The Editor says:

    Tina Stewart Says:
    Bas, the largest change that will be made, and the most immediate change that will be made to the building is access for those with disabilities. This building will be inclusive. Major renovations will be done to make this possible. Certainly I for one, do not ever forget this group of people, as I was blessed with an amazing baby sister who was born with a disability leaving her wheelchair bound. I know the limitations we dealt with. I carried her up and down stairs. I assure you, that won’t be the case in this building.

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  • The Editor says:

    Tina Stewart Says:
    Did you know…..
    Strung Out On Beads, in Downtown Abbotsford is Deaf friendly!
    All Classes are offered in ASL or with ASL interpretation by a registered sign language interpreter at no extra charge.
    Want an “ASL only” experience?
    Get 3 or more of your signing friends together and we will do a private “ASL only” class.
    email for more info:
    Please give us 24hr notice for ASL interpretation.
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  • Bas Stevens says:

    Tina, thank you for your comments.

    How many businesses, members of ADBA, have electronic door openers? How many businesses have a step up to enter their business? These are all impediments for the disabled.

    What a number of people do not realize is that I was “able bodied” for over 60 years. I have been disabled for 7 years. I really bothers me when I see the manner in which the disabled are treated. All we ask for is equality and the opportunity to do things and go places that “normal” people do.

    I look forward to being able to visit your new offices and have a guided tour of the building.

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