City Destroys A Dozen Homeless Camps – Please Help

By February 28, 2013From facebook

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  • BCGuy says:

    that is just disgusting, that the city would do something like that to these marginalized people. put yourself in THEIR shoes for just a day and see what it’s like. God fearing “Christians” (IF you can call them that) pushing their beliefs on everyone one else yet again

  • The Editor says:

    Tim Felger Says:

    Instead of complaining about the destruction of the camps, they should sleep at city hall until they get a new camp.

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  • Meghann Coughlan says:

    This town is a joke. It’s a stomping ground for a bunch of wanna-be Bilderberg group morons.

    What a disgusting town we live in. They don’t offer any alternatives, but all of our major churches have cinema sized projection screens.

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