City Puts Off Public Hearing

From Facebook. Abbotsford Community Services (ACS) is reporting this morning that the City has suddenly changed the date of the public hearing into their joint proposal with BC Housing for a Supportive Housing Project from Monday, January 13, to February 3rd.

“Important Public Hearing Update for the Proposed ACS Supportive Housing Facility. The date has been changed and is still subject to confirmation from City Hall. The present tentative date for the rezoning application Public Hearing is Monday, February 3rd. Please stay tuned – things change often and we will do our best to keep you up to date & informed so you can attend and show your support.”

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  • Bas Stevens says:

    I find it very odd that the proposed date for a Public Hearing, if required, has been pushed back 1 week.

    My question is: which councilor (s) was/were not able to attend on the originally scheduled date of January 27? Is this another caper by Banman and/or Murray to make sure that this proposal is defeated? If I am incorrect in my assumption, I think that an explanation of the change is owed, not only to ACS, but to ALL the residents of Abbotsford.

    Your comments please, Mr.Banman; Mr. Murray!

  • Bas Stevens says:

    I think some clarification is required here.

    The date given for the first reading to amend the by-law is January 13th. If the amendment passes first reading it then goes to a Public Hearing. The original date, announced in late December, was January 27th.

    Has the first reading been moved to February 3rd or has the Public Hearing, if first reading is passed, been rescheduled to February 3rd? Who is behind this change and why?

  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    I believe first reading is today @ the 3 pm. Executive Council Mtg.
    Check City’s website under Council Exec. mtg. for Jan 13, 2014

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