By Louise Henry. Just hearing the word Clutter used to make me cringe, a few years ago I found myself overwhelmed by my clutter as almost everywhere I looked I had things around me that hat I no longer wanted in my life and these things were dragging me down and effecting my well being.

I began with a commitment to change! I read books on de-cluttering and took workshops, as I learnt how my clutter was effecting me mentally, emotionally & spiritually I found myself being inspired to give away, donate, recycle clothes, furniture, gifts, ornaments and many more items that no longer made me feel good or I no longer loved having in my home. Today, I am comfortable enough within myself not to feel guilty about giving away something someone gave me years past. With the Holiday Season behind us and a feeling of change in the air many people are thinking about ways they can be more minimalistic and de-clutter their home and their life.. If you are considering selling this spring our just looking for a Fresh new look then de-cluttering must be top on your list. This is all well and good but how does one untangle themselves from the items you do not like, bought on that special holiday, gifts received from family or friends etc.

It can begin with a commitment to change! Giving yourself permission to donate / give away, recycle items you no longer love or like can be a very liberating experience. Think about how good it would feel only to have items in your home that you loved, made you feel good and reflected who you are as a person.

When you are de-cluttering start small if this is new to you begin with one drawer, one closet or room. Most people have an emotional attachment to their belongings and every home tells a story and sometimes there has been some great loss maybe a loved one, family member, spouse or maybe a divorce has transpired so please be kind to yourself start with 15 minutes per day.

Start de-cluttering with things you feel comfortable with like letting go of old clothes.
Get 3 boxes & label each one – a. Items to keep b. Items to donate c. Items I am not sure what to do with.
Take clothes out the closet and decide one by one and ask yourself some questions?
Do I LOVE and feel good wearing this outfit? Yes / No If yes it can go back in the Closet – if no donate
Does it fit me? Yes/no if no donate – Is the outfit outdate? Yes / no
1. As you go through your clothes create zones for the items you Love and feel terrific in by color code and put back in your closet
2. Pack away in boxes clothes you no longer wear i.e. don’t fit or like – give to thrift stores, shelters, big brothers, Salvation army there are ALWAYS people in greater need
3. Set aside clothing you are not sure about for a few more months if you don’t’ wear it over the next 6-9 months your probably not going to ever wear it again!

Whether you are de-cluttering due to downsizing or staying in your home our Professionally trained Pair Home Design team will help you or do all the de-cluttering and packing for you to bring subtle or more dramatic positive changes to your home or office. No job too big or too small!

Suggestion of some books to help you gets started. See your local library for selection

1. Clear your clutter with feng shui / Karen Kingston
2. Throw out fifty things: clear the clutter, find your life / Gail Blanke.
3. The clutter-busting handbook : clean it up, clear it out, and keep your life clutter-free / Rita Emmett

Louise Henry and Joseph Backstrom

Louise Henry is co-owner of Pair Home Design with her husband Joseph Backstrom,

Louise Henry and Joseph Backstrom

Louise is professionally trained by the Canadian Redesigners Association (CRDA) and a member of PRES Professional real estate stagers association British Columbia. Louise has instructed a home staging course on behalf of the Canadian Redesigners association t at University Fraser Valley and teaches redesigning and renovating your home for living or selling and featured in “Trends” magazine for her Spring home design.

Louise offers realtors and home owners full service professional home staging packages including furniture, art and accessory rental packages for short or long term rental and will modify packages to suite your style of home and budget, no home too small or too big!

Joseph provides design & renovation services offering 3d designing imaging for viewing your renovation project before work begins ensuring the design choices are maximized to suite your style of home and lifestyle.

Louise & Joseph can be reached via email at or view their website at www.pairhomedesign.comor contact via telephone at 778-834-7247

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