Provincial Politics: Time For Coleman To Step Down

By January 23, 2013Provincial Politics

By Laila Yuile. There is more to come on Coleman and the Gateway story -it’s huge and is still developing on several angles, but Alex Browne of the Peace Arch News scooped a hint of it with this story just out:

“BC Liberal MLA Gordon Hogg says he is “€œsurprised”€ and “€œdisappointed”€ to learn that B.C.’™s minister responsible for gaming made personal calls to Surrey councillors during last weekâ’™s public-hearing process on the Gateway casino-entertainment complex.

“I’€™m planning to have further discussion with my colleagues on this,” the Surrey-White Rock MLA said Tuesday.

Hogg said it’€™s a matter of concern for him that his BC Liberal colleague, Rich Coleman, was talking to council members between two public hearings on the South Surrey project.

Hogg said such conversation was open to interpretations that it was an attempt to influence the decision.

Repeated attempts by Peace Arch News to reach Coleman since Monday morning have been unsuccessful.

Couns. Tom Gill and Bruce Hayne confirmed to PAN independently Tuesday that they had both received calls from Coleman between the first public-hearing session Jan. 14 and a second session Jan. 18. Both councillors said Coleman advised them that if the project didn’€™t pass, Surrey would not receive any other applications through BC Lottery Corporation.”

This is not only unregistered lobbying, this is political interference from a Minister who should, by position, remain exempt from comment or influence in any manner. As a former RCMP member, Coleman more than anyone, should know this.

I would hope Coleman would do the right thing and step down immediately, but failing that, Christy Clark needs to do the right thing and ask him to stand down pending a full investigation into this proposal from beginning to end.

Laila Yuile

Laila Yuile

Laila Yuile blogs at No Strings Attached and is a regular contributor to the Today Media Group websites.

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    It was Rich Coleman, who was warned about escalation of
    violence, due to gangs and drugs, back in 2004.

    Coleman told municpal mayors concerned about this problem to
    apply thru the Safe Streets program and Safe Schools program
    to help deal wit their concerns.

    He totally ignored the warning signs of gang escalation, since
    he was too busy wining and dining at taxpayer expense and in
    the process put neighborhoods in the FV, at great risk to their
    public safety…..I will never forget!!

  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    Rich Coleman and Mike Dejong have, both, been the gravy train
    for Abbotsford’ financial blunders, over the past few years and it is time to stop the free flow of funds into Abbotsford to his campaign

    Clearly the debacle with Moe Gill has not taught him a lesson about
    the need for honesty and integrity to the people, who elected him into

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