Comment Of The Week: Abbotsford’s Normal Way Of Doing Business Has To Change

With the Abbotsford Chicken Manure Homeless Incident stealing the public agenda as the community waits to find out who is going to be held responsible, we have received a great number of comments about where the responsibility ought to lie.

We received this comment from DeceitinDrugs on AmbrÖse Bierce’s column “A Handful Of Lower Level Authorities … Who’s Kidding Whom?

It is time to shine light on, Economic Development Manager, Jay Teichrob, who has been quietly working behind City Hall doors in the interests of a few select developers, who have been allowed to control City Hall business, related to development/growth in Abbotsford.

These developers have been appointed to sit on EDC and CIDAC, by Mayor and Council, on recommendation of Economic Development Manager and use their positions to control their own development interests in this city.

A “free enterprise’ climate for developers/development in this city has been jeopardized, due to City Hall working with a small group of people trying to control development in Abbotsford.

City Staff should be required to become detached from the close relationships, which they have at the city’s development and planning department, in order that they can make the right decisions related to growth and development.

It is the ‘chicken manure’ incident and the Jubilee Park bad handling of the “Do not feed the hungry in Jubilee Park” backroom meetings between ex ADBA president Bob Bos, Councillor John Smith and former councillor Bruce Beck and director of the Abbotsford Chamber incident in 2008, which reflects the efforts of a few to control growth/development in this city at all cost and City Hall allowing it to happen.

This ‘normal’ way of doing business with developers/Big Business in this city smells of “chicken manure” and it’s time the Mayor and City Manager get their rubber boots and shovels out and clean it up!

Those, who ordered, the chicken manure incident are a disgrace to our city!

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