Comment Of The Week – Creating Their Own Perfect Community

By December 19, 2013Comment of The Week

Re: Coming together to protect themselves against the city and APD

The City of Abbotsford has clearly missed the main message being sent to them from the camp protestors or they’re just purposely ignoring the fact, the camp protestors are in Jubilee Park to draw attention to their utmost desire to have the city find a solution to their plight of
being homeless and being continually moved around, by the

The city is drawing attention to the broken by-laws, because
they do not want the homeless in Abbotsford, since, it impedes
the desire of a select group in this city to create their own perfect
community, which in their eyes cannot include the homeless.

The cities’ focus is not an inclusive community but a community built
on development with focus on a higher lifestyle and Mayor Banman
is perpetuating this mentality, by supporting those, who are pushing
this idea at the expense of the marginalized citizens of Abbotsford.

Cover Photo: Roy Colin Roberts is a DWS member and grew up in Abbotsford . Photo by Bas Stevens

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