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Re: Lies … All Lies!

Very blunt speaking but absolutely true. The facts are readily available for anybody to check.

At then going to Exhibit 5 on page 59.

This shows only $700,000 of debt repaid by 2016 out of a total of over $87 million and, as Vince points out that excludes the deficiences in DCCs which are substantial.

Poisonous as they often are in Abbotsford politicians are entitled to their own views but they are not entitled to their own facts

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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    In addition to Plan A debt, the city has used internal borrowing for various projects, which will have to be paid back via DCC’S.

    Abbotsford has collected DCC’S on about half the building permit values, it collected per year from 2005-middle of 2008.

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