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Dear Editor. In the “real world” we pay salaries, wages, contracts etc. for jobs/work that are performed. Why are we paying Global Spectrum for not performing.

I’ve been to the AESC’s website of late and the next 3 months shows NOTHING worth seeing. The calender should have every weekend, Friday night included BOOKED.

Oh! I forgot. City managers get/got paid for non-performance, why not Global!

JHill commenting on Abbotsford Today – A Parallel Universe – Abbotsford VS It’s Citizens

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    The site is not booked, because, high caliber
    entertainment, i am told will not come to our arena,
    due to it’s size and small entertainment groups will
    not attract the numbers to fill arena and so, we must
    rely on middle of the road, which includes not taking
    risks of not filling an arena and leaving the taxpayer
    with a bigger debt.

    In addition, Abbotsford cannot draw on the crowd needed
    to pay for tickets for each event and those cities
    surrounding Abbotsford have their own arenas and events
    and others prefer to attend events in Vancouver rather
    than drive out to Abbotsford on a regular basis.

    Of course, Bruce Beck, the business brain behind the arena
    plan did not think about these market limitations and neither
    did the rest of inempt council, when it comes to making sound
    business decisions for this city.

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