Comment(s) Of The Week – Banman And The City Of Character

We received several comments on the Letter we published earlier this week accusing Mayor Bruce Banman of being a bully. We chose to feature this one from Lynn Perrin.

Re: Banman Is A Bully

I find it rather hypocritical for Bruce Banman to preach in support of virtues that he does not practice – if the cameras are off or absent. Just ask too many citizens of Abbotsford how they have been treated at Council Committee meetings or town hall meetings at both Bradner and Sumas Mountain where there were no video or audio recordings. The Abbotsford City of Character virtue of “Respect” was certainly not practiced by Mayor Banman unless he only respects those who agree with his misplaced policies regarding Abbotsford’s rural communities. These communities are very good at engaging their youth by practicing all of the stated virtues without belonging to the Abbotsford City of Character yet Banman has little “Respect” for them. One virtue that I believe is missing from the Abbotsford City of Character list of virtues is “honesty”.

And …

Ms. Proudfoot’s experience is exactly what I referred to when I said that with regard to Abbotsford City of Character virtue of “Respect” Mayor Banman does not walk the talk. I advise him to take a lesson from his predecessor’s demise when it comes to bullying opponents of the 200 acre ALR exclusion; another Economic Development Committee boondoggle, if he does not want to be a one term Mayor too.

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